What VST’s Does Noisia Use?


We’re going to be examining a couple known VST’s (virtual instruments) Noisia uses in their production.


Native Instruments FM8

FM8 has to be easily one of the best FM modulators out there to date, despite being released in 2006. The only downside is, it takes time to learn and master well. When done correctly, FM8 produces some of the most unique complex sounds ever. The ability to modulate any parameter live is what gives it such complexity. Again it is not an easy instrument to learn, it takes a long long time. But with anything that is worth doing, it will take time. Some good examples of what kind of sounds FM8 can produce can be heard in tracks released by Noisia, Skrillex, Deadmau5 just to name a few.


Nicely priced at 150.00 US dollars, it is highly recommended for any producer serious about making new sounds never heard. Granted, it won’t be easy, but there is plenty of guides on the internet and youtube that’ll give you a glimpse. Studying up on this complex instrument will give you a huge leg up. We live in a world where producers all use the same sample packs and presets, It’s good you’re wanting to be unique.



Next on our list is Serum, This instrument is a must for any producer. Whether you’re just starting off, or are experienced. Reason, why this VST is so well respected by the producer community, is because of its ease of function. While it may not be as complex as FM8, it definitely isn’t a quick learn either. Like with any instrument, it takes time to learn and master. The uniqueness of Serum is that it allows you to sample in your own wavetables. You can literally record your vocals screaming or however you like, and turn it into a complete synth. Some of the most unique sounds can be heard in many of today’s famous Riddim and Dubstep tracks. Serum allows you create basically any sound and control the filter / filters with whatever LFO setting you choose. You can simply apply an LFO with any parameter of your liking and tweak every individual element, yes FM8 does the same but Serum has a much more friendly interface. The only downside is, most music now and days has the same serum engine sound. Like I said before, with FM8 you are able to create sounds no one else can replicate. That does not seem to be the case with Serum : /. With that said, It is simply a must.

Price = 200 US dollars.


Native Instruments Massive 


Massive is also another must for any producer whether you are just starting off or have a ton of experience. It was released in 2007 and since has been a big part of the mainstream EDM sound we’ve come to know and love. While it is true that everyone and their grandma uses Massive, it is safe to say. It’s perfectly okay, this synth has the capability to make amazing sounds with very very easy ease. Granted everyone keeps searching on youtube how to make a Skrillex Bass Growl with massive, I can assure you Skrillex does not use massive for his bass growls. It’s always fun to watch kids making ” How- To”s. Enough flaming, Massive is a great fucking synth and it is an instrument that should be in every musicians/producers catalog. It’s great for patching up quick song ideas and such, and if enough time spent, it can also produce some very unique sounds. The only downside, this is probably one of the most popular synths ever known so chances are you’ll hear it in one song or another. Nothing is stopping you from creating a unique sound tho, So Massive is a must!

Price 150.00 US dollars.




Synth1 is a great VST and it is also free, I’ve personally come to love this instrument. It has a very unique sound and can best be described as having a ” Japanese Synth ” feel to it. Not sure if it is because the developer is Japanese or just the sounds it can create, has a very synth-poppy sound. I also love this VST because all the parameters are controllable and can be modulated in real time to create some really really weird synths. It definitely is a must for every producer, and the best part is that it is FREE!

Price 0.00 US dollars




Easily hands down one of the most popular VST synths out in the market. Sylenth1 sounds beautiful for what it is, the design is a little boring but that’s just a mask. This synth has a very bright poppy sound to every wavetable it uses. It has the power of emulating real beautiful impersonations of classics such as the TB-303, Alpha Juno and MiniMoog. With every instrument, it is the producer that makes it happen. With Sylenth1 each oscillator gives you control of eight waveforms. The Best part is the unison facility. You can independently assign a number of voices per oscillator, from zero (ie, oscillator off) to eight, and the Detune and Stereo knobs make it easy to produce those big, beefy analog patches.

Price 140.00 US dollars

These are just a glimpse of what Noisia uses, remember every producer has their own tricks up their sleeves. We can all have the same tools, but it depends on you as an individual on how you use them. Here is a sample of my favorite Noisia track, released on their latest album. Outer Edges 2016 soundcloud. You can really hear their amazing sound engineering techniques. They can really make music sound amazing on any sound system. Hope you enjoy : ) artworks-000174527171-46blp3-t500x500.jpg





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